Limitations of the trailer concrete mixing car market More difficult access to the site Concrete mixing truck traffic out of construction sites and other places more complex construction and other affected roads are generally narrow road environment is not good. General bicycle Fortunately, Tractor driving more difficult, the turning radius is greater, and out of the site is not suitable. In particular site, if it rains, muddy roads, slippery trap car trailer easier. Discharge into less convenient Concrete mixing truck regardless of feed or discharge usually by reversing into the mixing station or discharge port, trailer parking more difficult, in order to pour into the inlet, the discharge ports are relatively trouble, to a certain extent super quality new diesel concrete cement mixer It will affect the efficiency of operations. And there are concrete transport time requirements, generally emptied from the fed material time can not exceed 90 minutes. Another very important point is that now the domestic market are in accordance with the concrete square to count the price, less a trip to earn a trip for less money. Imperfect laws and regulations Now the domestic tractor axle load limits on the length of more stringent, but this one is basically non-existent in the mixer, the mixer now have done 12 square 6x4, 8x4s even done 16 party. In 6x4 mixer, for example, counted 2.4 tons per ton of concrete, 12-square is 28.8 tons, 6x4 mixer vehicle weight of 14-15 tons, far exceeding the domestic combined weight limit. Such car ran very dangerous in the city from time to time there is an accident mixer wounding tragedy. The biggest advantage is that the number of axes mixer semitrailer more and bigger loading capacity, but strictly in accordance with laws and regulations if semitrailer mixer to, and can only be installed about 14 square, in the current environment is estimated that no one will buy. If and cycling as overload, do 20 parties, 25 parties even larger tank, which also would result in a vicious cycle of overloading, not only for road damage large, but also a serious threat to the safety of pedestrians. The price is relatively more expensive Tractor-mixer of the purchase price to be a lot more twin shaft js500 concrete electric cement mixer expensive than ordinary bicycle, more sensitive to domestic users of the price, which in turn is a major problem in the promotion. to sum up: It is understood that the only one trailer concrete mixing truck was introduced in 2009 the first batch of 188 announcement, but the car in the beginning of this year the first batch of 233 was canceled. I do not know the market downturn or other technical reasons. In short, in the current market environment, China mixer, semitrailer mixer is not suitable for Chinas national conditions. But if in the future the domestic transport market regulations can sound mixer, then, in the case of not overloading, Tractor Truck transport a large amount of merit, or there will be some market space, but fell short in the main urban site concrete under the environmental conditions of transport, Tractor mixer limitations larger mixer is unlikely to become mainstream market.